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Brands and agencies trust us to deliver unparalleled performance as Performance Advertising Specialists. Maximizing ROI and increasing sales are at the core of our performance-driven approach. Our marketing tracking system tracks and reports every single marketing dollar spent so you can make the most informed decisions. Driven by results, we strive for excellence. We optimize for maximum ROI no matter what your campaign objectives might be.

Depending on your business needs, we use various paid advertising channels – such as Facebook ads, Twitter ads, LinkedIn ads, YouTube ads, and native advertising. As a result, we can deliver aggressive performance results by staying updated with changing technology and culture.

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Pay Per Click

Pay-Per-Click signifies pay for each click. By using it, users are only charged based on how many people click on their ads.It helps you keep track of your budget, so you don’t go over your spending limit.Pay-per-click advertising is extremely easy to use, and you only pay for results. The low cost, high impact, and high return on investment make PPC so popular. Paid clicks are much more economical than traditional advertising media like TV, radio, and print. It lets you target your audience based on the search terms they use.

Users use search terms to find solutions to their problems online. PPC ads are displayed when a user searches for a solution to their problem. Whenever a search term is used online by someone looking for a solution to their problem, PPC ads are shown. You can target your audience based on the words they use and show your ad only to those interested in the services and products you offer.

How Performance Advertising can benefit your brand

Performance advertising targets customers who have already indicated their wish to purchase what you’re offering. We ensure that our digital advertising campaigns are aligned with your objectives through our unique data management process.

We help you understand your marketing campaign performance through carefully managed and tested metrics.


Thus, you don’t have to concern yourself with marketing effectiveness. Making sure your marketing budget aligns with your business goals is our top priority.

Our proprietary approach to setting up search engine marketing campaigns is unique, tested, and proven. When creating your campaign, we consider the following:

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What Is Our Approach

Our proprietary approach to setting up search engine marketing campaigns is unique, tested, and proven. When creating your campaign, we consider the following:

Researching hundreds of targeted keywords is the first step that we take. Competitive analysis is an integral part of this process. We will then recommend top-performing keywords that have lower competition and are related to your niche market. By employing this strategy, we can better convert ads that are more click-through-worthy, and our cost per click is lower. You don’t have to guess anymore. You won’t waste any more money. There are only results.

When Zillion Thohts works on digital marketing for a client, we start with the end in mind. We use data from your customers to create trusted, targeted interactions. Before creating content, we analyze who and why you are advertising to. We develop our campaigns based on target audience data, which allows us to distribute ads on the right websites. Our team works closely with you to develop a solid business plan based on our deep understanding of market trends and direction. Keeping you up-to-date on trends is part of our job. To successfully position ourselves, we closely examine your competition.

Search advertising is an extremely effective method of marketing. For your business to fully tap into this potential, however, you must learn how to find the right keywords and select them carefully. Many people get lost and overwhelmed in the sea of phrases and keywords that make up search advertising. What is the right way to choose keywords? Researching keywords isn't the most exciting aspect of marketing, but it's vital if you wish to succeed. Today, the majority of buyers use search engines before making a purchase. It is necessary to understand your customers' needs and offer what they desire.

Our keyword research process is a step-by-step guide that directs your website to appear in search results related to specific keywords. The goal is to identify the most profitable keywords to target based on a range of different factors. Boosting the ranking of our customers' search ads is one goal we strive for. While ranking at the top isn't always easy, we're able to make more accurate predictions when we combine systematic and objective research methods.

A properly implemented Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign can be an extremely powerful way to get your business in front of many potential customers. The title and the description can determine the difference between a click and a skip. Zillionthohts has mastered PPC copywriting with many years of experience. Having an understanding of PPC campaigns is a strength of our content writers. Our team creates headlines, descriptions, and texts for your Ads to get people intrigued by your Ads in the SERPs.

We take on a scientific approach to search advertising through extensive A/B testing on different content and strategies. Rather than simply relying on organic search engine results, we consider a wide range of factors such as relevance, trust, information, and quality that influence a website's ranking to assist our clients' organic growth.

Optimizing your campaigns daily can be challenging due to the multitude of advertising platforms and campaigns you have to keep track of. Paid search campaigns operate on bids, and understanding how to manage those bids is the key to optimizing them. PPC Bid. With our services, you can adjust your bids every day, earn bid-on-quality from your PPC Ad text, and much more.

To boost your website's traffic and conversions, we optimize your landing pages using the latest SEO and conversion optimization methods. To maximize your metadata, we analyze the website and recommend the best possible methods. When visitors arrive, your landing page is the first thing they see. The quality determines the conversion rates on your landing page. It is important to make your landing page as appealing as possible because it often serves as an entryway for users.

It is paramount to track anything associated with your Search Engine Marketing efforts since it gives you the chance to improve. The keyword ranking and traffic volume are metrics you can track to help you make relevant changes to your SEM campaign based on your rankings. We operate under constant analysis and reporting principles at ZillionThohts to help our clients understand their performance in SEM and make necessary improvements.

Our Pay-Per-Click Services

Search Engine Marketing refers to all Pay-Per-Click Ads on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). A PPC campaign is a powerful tool for driving targeted traffic to your website and increasing your search engine rankings. 

Display advertising is a crucial PPC advertising tactic that gives marketers tremendous reach, one of the most effective forms of PPC marketing. In conjunction with PPC services, we can run powerful display advertisements to match your audience with relevant content in places where they are most likely to convert.

Advertising on social media is a powerful, cost-effective way for companies to gain valuable consumer insights, reach their audiences, and engage their consumers.  Social Advertising helps you reach your customer base more effectively than Display advertising and costs less than Search advertising.

A good PPC agency will recommend remarketing, a smart advertising tactic to target users who have previously visited your website. Several of these users might have left while browsing, clicked on a search result or ad link, or left while surfing.  You can retarget them by showing your ads on different platforms across the internet. As a result, customer retention is increased. 

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