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In today’s world, approximately 95% of customers rely on digital search to find the required products and services. In such a situation, Search Engine Optimization plays a crucial role in fetching the much-needed attention to your website, more traffic, many leads, and an excellent reputation.

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Though SEO is complex and requires tons of effort to get the best results, ZillionThohts handles this with ease with our systematic research-based approach. In addition, our highly-trained team at ZillionThohts constantly evolves our SEO Process as Google updates its algorithm. 


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Digital Marketing Audit

Digital marketing is on the rise, and with it, you can reach larger audiences. Search engines and social media are the most important platforms for marketing in today’s world. So, how well are you performing on these channels?

Many businesses don’t realize — or take the time to check — how they’re doing in the digital marketing world. 

Is your website generating the optimum leads and converting new sales to opportunities? Does your content strategy align with your business goals?

However, just because you have an online presence does not mean that you have a tactical or well-thought-out plan in place. It’s important to understand your market and goals to become successful with digital marketing.

Businesses often get bogged down in the day-to-day aspects of running their business and neglect the crucial growth areas. While there are many out there that offer advice, ZillionThohts provides an audit that leads to action. It allows you to analyze your business performance in a structured manner and provides recommendations on optimizing and better leveraging your resources.

Get started with a holistic and actionable digital marketing audit to get a clear overview of performance.

Make sure you optimize for growth. Boost your ROI through a timely marketing audit.

Search Engine Marketing

How to rank in search engines and catch the attention of new customers before your competitors?


As a business owner, you know all the limitations that prevent your business from achieving the financial growth and expansion it needs to succeed. While you have an idea of how the internet world works, you aren’t sure how to make it work for your company. Although your business is growing, you know the internet can help you achieve even more. ZillionThohts can help.


ZillionThohts specializes in SEM, and by using paid advertisements, we help businesses drive traffic to their website. Search Engine Marketing includes methods used to drive traffic from search engines to a website. It is achieved by both organic Search Engine Optimization and Pay-Per-Click advertising.

With ZillionThohts, your brand and products will have better visibility thanks to the latest marketing techniques. The ZillionThohts marketing team employs the latest and most effective methods to ensure that your brand and its products get maximum visibility among potential buyers.


The strategy we design will complement your existing online presence because we understand every business is unique. We keep the power of search engines working for you by doing keyword research and creating content.

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Social Media Marketing

Your consumers want a personal connection with your business, and they want to see that you’re listening. You can reach out to them through social media and create individual bonds. Sharing your brand’s unique story and experiences builds a strong connection. Say goodbye to boring old press releases. In this day and age, making an impact online is very important for most brands. But how do B2B companies make a name for themselves? Well, social media helps. Brands can create content and distribute it to their audiences through it. This helps to create a solid customer base and raise the brand’s equity.

With social media marketing, you can get your brand out there by presenting it on various social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and more. Social media can enhance and improve your reputation and brand value, which can, in turn, increase sales.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is the cornerstone of today’s digital world. It is what makes or breaks a campaign online, and it’s a must-have for search engine optimization. For decades experts have said that content is the most crucial factor in determining search results, and it’s what people read, watch, and use. In a nutshell, it helps ensure you get found!


To create a winning content marketing strategy, we first identify the gaps in your current content. We do this through a content audit, which determines where you may be lacking in your content based on the most popular topics in your industry. Then we create the content that is best suited for your target audience by using our expert knowledge of the demographics of your target audience.

We make sure you follow your content marketing plan every step of the way. Social media allows you to connect with a broader audience in seconds. We’ll create content for social media sites that have high levels of engagement and relevance. That way, we’ll turn conversations into advertising opportunities.

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Digital PR

A robust online presence and results from search engines are more important now than ever. If you think back, you probably can’t recall the last time you picked a publication to learn about a company. When was the last time you analysed something without using the internet?

Most people believe that Google facts are more reliable than friends’ opinions. You’re missing out on many online users if you focus only on how you appear in conventional media. Public relations aims to get your name in front of the right people in the right places.

Our expertise in public relations lies in these areas:

  • Comprehending and telling compelling stories about technology and your solutions.
  • Identify media figures in your industry and communicate ideas and information to them.
  • Pitching, following up, and measuring are all part of what we do.
  • Our extensive affiliate and influencer network includes experts in significant fields that can help us promote your story.

Take advantage of digital PR to generate buzz about your business.

Online Reputation Management

Many of the world’s most prominent executives and brands rely on us to enhance their digital reputations.  Reputation is the cornerstone of online marketing and enterprise. Several things can go wrong online, from fake reviews to spam advertisements, comments, and links with harmful code. Getting low ratings or spam emails on your site can discourage you.


A company’s reputation can sometimes suffer despite excellent customer service. Online reputation management can strengthen your brand’s positive reputation. A good reputation management strategy will help you maintain the good image that you’ve built over time.The time you spend responding to customer concerns and negative comments shows present and prospective clients that you care about their needs.

Reputation Management for SMEs, Global Corporations, and CEOs

Our approach doesn’t just use shortcuts to mask the problem. Our reputation management services assist you in building a positive digital presence that is both effective and authentic.

We will analyze and classify hundreds of search results that mention your brand. Our goal is to suppress unpleasant content and to establish a positive online reputation that symbolizes your brand. 

Increasing positive customer testimonials and employee reviews are our priorities. You can’t ignore the importance of great web reviews when you’re in a competitive market. Businesses should look for people who can help them spread their message. We will manage, enhance, and extend your online presence across multiple platforms. Building one’s reputation and authority take time and effort. Social media is one of the quickest ways to demonstrate your abilities to a potential audience.

Our off-page SEO will help your content rank high on Google’s search engine results. Autocomplete, Knowledge Graph, and related searches are just a few of the features we can influence. By working with credible websites, we will assist you in securing positive media coverage.

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 “Demand for your business is driven by the quality of your reputation. Live and breathe your values to maintain control of your brand reputation.”

― Stacey Kehoe

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Lead Generation Service

The role of lead generation has changed significantly in recent years, and it plays a critical role in establishing relationships, producing qualified leads, and closing sales.

Ninety-four percent of websites aren’t optimized to generate leads. Lead generation is one of our most effective techniques that can help you generate more leads in a short period.

We’ll do everything to turn your website into a lead generator. By focusing on your uniqueness, we generate as many leads as possible. As a leader in digital lead generation, we offer you a one-of-a-kind solution for your business growth.

How To Get More Leads?

ZillionThohts has helped many organizations generate qualified leads and drive sales engagement. Often, SaaS companies generate leads through product or service trials. Established organizations increased their revenue by 157% using lead generation strategies.

By leveraging AI-enabled research and multi-channel outreach, we can find and connect with new customers. From sales intelligence to email delivery to real-time activities and reporting, we pay attention to every detail.

We have provided our clients with the finest possible solutions to their business needs through our skilled professionals. Our standard operating procedures ensure that lead generation is done effectively by paying close attention to each customer’s unique needs.

Influencer Marketing

Perhaps you’re spending too much on advertising and not getting the desired results. In our first meeting with a client, we hear the most common complaint: they are spending a lot of money and getting no results. We understand how frustrating that is.

Want to see an increase of 75-150% in sales, leads, and profits? The answer may be a resounding “yes.” To get there, you need a well-defined influencer marketing approach.

What is the purpose of influencer marketing? Prominent businesses have used it for years to get their message across. Using influencer marketing to expand your business has been proven to be effective. There is no doubt that influencers are the heroes of the modern age. They have a large following across all social media platforms and can be relied on to generate excellent content.

It is essential to realize that your efforts may be wasted if you use the wrong influencers. We can help you identify and work with the right influencers for your business. You can leverage the influence of many people in your niche to promote your business. You will benefit from our marketing plan by leveraging their fan base to promote your business.

By connecting business owners with influencers on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, and other significant social media networks, we have made it easier for them to grow their businesses. We’ve worked with influencers for years and know what it takes to get you to promote your business.

Do you think it is time to harness the power of influencers to generate more business leads? Contact Us.

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Video Marketing

The days of text messages are gone. Promoting goods and services through video is now a smart move for companies. Video marketing offers several advantages. Watching a video is more convenient than reading a lengthy article.

Videos can help businesses provide clients with the information they need. Besides generating more leads, improving customer satisfaction, building brand awareness and increasing conversions, video marketing can improve your organization’s overall performance. Videos can also convey messages that cannot be adequately conveyed in writing, such as humour, emotion, and inspiration. Additionally, video marketing saves money. Compared to other marketing methods, video production is relatively inexpensive.

With our video marketing services, you will become a trusted expert in your field through full-fledged media engagements. Our expertise includes everything to do with videos, including videos for companies’ websites, blogs, e-commerce sites, social media, presentations, and television ads.

“Google only loves you when
Everyone else loves you first.” –Wendy Piersall